To restore tree health, sick trees must be treated.


North Texas has some of the most unusual weather patterns. Colleyville Texas isn’t the only place where you can find a sick or diseased tree. February’s weather patterns are very unpredictable with temperatures dropping to the low 30s. The temperature on the same day can rise as high as 80deg. This can be a significant stress for the spring regeneration.

It can affect the opening of flowering in the system, causing delays in the Foliage mechanism in tree genetics.

In 2018, there were many Shumard oaks suffering from this condition. While it is not a sign of sickness, this can cause tree dieback and deformity. Weather phenomenon that affected Colleyville’s Savanna Post oaks also affected Colleyville.


Colleyville Tree Service & Stump Grinding recommends checking your trees at least twice a year. Our annual tree evaluation walks are free and will help your trees stay healthy. Colleyville Texas isn’t the only reason for trees that are unhealthy. This is the first sign of disease. Texas insects and pests have an opportunity to enter the tree’s vascular systems and lay larvae. It is crucial to treat sick trees on your Colleyville property.

These are our recommendations! Every year, treat your trees in late autumn and early winter. Our deep root fertilization process is quick, easy and safe for your trees. Our focus is on two areas.

  1. The overall vigor and strength of the tree.
  2. Fighting insects in the coming spring cycle

Our combination fertilizer/pest control system has been a solution for many North Texas property managers and homeowners.

Colleyville Texas tree diseases and unhealthiness can’t be avoided. But, you can learn helpful tree tips. We provide information to our clients about what trees need and how it can help with its overall health. Knowledge is power. You might be surprised to learn that your tree could die in Colleyville TX.


We offer three (3) simple steps for our clients:

  • Proper Tree Watering
  • Proper Tree Feeding
  • Tree Insect Control


Proper Tree Watering

Water is essential for most trees below five years of age. To ensure healthy growth during their first years. Many nurseries will provide a water bag to place at the base or root of your tree. A young tree may need 20 to 100 gallons water per week depending upon soil, season and environment.


Proper Tree Feeding

Trees require food just like humans. Mother Nature provides most of the nutrients the tree needs from the soil. We need to do very little as property managers or homeowners when it comes to natural forest trees. With urban plants, however, we may need to take more care. Deep root fertilization in Colleyville Texas can be a wonderful way to keep your trees strong and healthy especially in their early years.


Tree Insect Control

Tree insects decimate and kill thousands of trees every year in North Texas. The majority of urban Forest planted trees in Colleyville are affected by this pest. The homeowner’s lack of education can make all the difference. A simple deep root injection once a year is enough to keep your trees healthy and free from tree disease. Our insecticides have a great track record in eliminating pests from your trees. You may not have to inject the insecticide every year in some cases. A mild injection with half as much chemical can be administered to keep your tree vaccinated annually. Our goal is to get the larvae to die but not damage the tree’s cambium and/or Xylem. This is what our tree pesticide does.

Please call us today for sick tree help in Colleyville TX.